The Chinese manufacturers of electronic devices take a top positions in the market of mobile phones, but in most cases default firmware need to be updated. It is necessary if default programs do not work or smartphone does not provide to the user the maximum performance or quickly discharged.

SP Flash Tool – official firmware update program for phone and tablet based on MTK working under Windows or Linux OS.

The program is one of the best and will be real solution for Android device firmware update. Its main feature is work with all MTK devices that allows to firmware any device.

Flash Tool 5 supports any phone or tablet model, also what produced in recent months.

Flash Tool – firmware update program for Android phones and tablets

About program

Work with Smart Phone Flash Tool for Windows is quite simple – you only need 3 components:

  • Android - device based on MTK processor;

  • Flasher. Flash Tools program download possible and on the forums. The main requirement is that it has the latest and official version as at;

  • Firmware. It is can be found on various forums, where users optimize smartphone operating system.

Android devices supported by SP Flash Tool

SP Flash supports all Chinese Android devices with the MediaTek processor.

With Flash Tool program you can firmware brick – a phone that cannot be switched on or hangs on the splash screen.

Another feature of Flash Tool is no need to install it on your mobile phone. For example, if you can not access to the recovery menu when you start smartphone. Flash Tool can help you to fix this problem. You can download FlashTool directly to your computer, install it and flash the smartphone.

To work with the program you will need drivers for your smartphone or tablet. Flasher accepts only pre-installed device. Flash Tools can be downloaded with firmware and drivers and work with your mobile device becomes simpler.

You can download SP Tool program to restore the broken smartphone, and to improve its performance through the optimization of the Android operating system. And only you can decide what kind of firmware to choose. All in your hands!


Version Description
v5.1728.00 Current latest actual version
v5.1724.00 Release
v5.1352.01 Current stable version
v5.1515.00 Version with Secure boot support
v5.1444.00 For devices on the platform MT67XX. Program below this version is not recommended for MT67XX platform
v3.1344.0.212 Stable 3 version
universal-driver Universal driver. How to install:
  • enable debugging mode on your device;
  • run the installation package;
  • connect the device to a computer, the device should be displayed in the program list;
  • click Install button.
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Attention! All actions you perform on your own risk. For damaged devices site is not responsible

All actions you perform on your own risk. For damaged devices site is not responsible